6 Reasons to Love Spring

Did you know there’s actually TWO Springs? Well, there’s two official dates for when it starts. According to the meteorological calendar, spring began on 1st of March, however, if you compare it to the astronomical calendar, spring doesn’t make an appearance until 20th of March.

There’s all sorts of reasons to love spring, even more so for the fact that the International Day of Happiness also falls on 20th of March.

Regardless of which date you believe spring has sprung, don’t jump straight into wishing for summer, enjoy this beautiful season for these reasons:

1. Optimism is in the Air

With lighter mornings and lighter evenings, getting up in the morning becomes more pleasant with the sun streaming through the windows. And don’t forget it feels like days are twice as long with the longer evenings so there’s more things we can get done. Doesn’t the extra sunshine make you much happier?

2. Flowers make you Happy

Research has shown a flower’s smell can have a positive influence on your emotions. What more reason do you need to get out and about into the woods? Breathe in the fresh spring air, enjoy the gorgeous colours and get a little exercise whilst you’re at it; get the endorphins going and that blood pumping.

Spring Flowers TEN Skincare

3. Ditch the tights

How joyous is the day when you can stop wearing tights? It often goes from thick winter tights, to thinner variations, until that glorious day when you can let your legs roam free. Doesn’t it feel good?! All this warmer weather makes people smile.

 4. Butterflies roam the air

Keep an eye out for that first appearance of a butterfly. They’re like flowers of the air, beautifully gentle creatures that spread colour and smiles.

 5. Spring Greens

Did you know Spring Greens are the vegetable for March? This fresh but slightly bitter-tasting cabbage is great in bubble and squeak – just fry up an onion, add chopped spring greens, slices of cooked potato and even an egg and smoked bacon for a moreish and delicious breakfast.

  Spring Green health


6. Café Culture

After all these months of huddling inside cafes, watching the boot-laden, cosy coated people walking past, it’s now time to break free and sit on the chairs and tables that will suddenly spring up outside. Savour a hot tea, with a light lunch. It’s also perfect for taking your little one too, if you’re a parent. Keep them clean with a pump of –TEN-‘s Baby Cleansing Foam – perfect for sticky fingers, both babies and adults.


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