We have a lot to thank scientific advances for, especially in pregnancy and post-natal care. Ever since ultrasound was first used on the body in the late 1940’s (and only really considered for obstetrics in the mid 1960’s), expectant parents have been able to monitor the health of their baby and indeed discover the sex from a few months into pregnancy. Whilst most obstetricians will confirm the sex at the 20-week scan, it can also be determined with 100% accuracy according to a Kings College study at 13 weeks. So if you’re at a hospital which tells you the sex, ask them to guess what you’re having at your 12-week scan if you want to find out!




Regardless of whether you discover the sex of your child before he or she is born, there’s great fun to be had (mostly for others) in guessing whether you’ll have a girl or a boy. Many will assess your bump or make a guess based on whether you suffered from morning sickness. Try some of these ‘methods’ to determine your baby’s sex and let us know if any were accurate!



A hearty sign

Next time you visit your obstetrician find out what their heartbeat is. It’s said that a heartbeat lower than 140 beats a minute signifies a boy and anything above, signifies a girl.


Grumpy? It’s a girl…

If you have a serious case of the grumps and can’t seem to pull yourself out of the dumps, some believe it’s a sign that you’re having a girl. Let’s hope your bad mood doesn’t last the whole nine months!


Morning sickness? Prepare for a girl

A much-loved way to determine the sex of an unborn child is to establish whether there was morning sickness or not. If not, then you’re blessed with a boy. If yes, then expect a girl! However, they say if you suffer from an unusually high number of headaches during pregnancy then it could be a sign that it’s a boy.


Hanging low or hanging high?

How you ‘carry’ your bump can also be an indicator of whether you’re going to have a girl or a boy. If your bump is low and close to your pelvis, some believe this indicates it’s a boy whereas if you’re bump sits up ‘high’ then it could be a little girl.


Sleeping on the left?

If you wake up often during pregnancy to discover you’re sleeping on your left hand side, then some believe it’s going to be a boy.


Beauty or a beast?

In many cultures, as well as in the UK, there’s the belief that how you look during pregnancy is a big indicator of the sex of your baby. Unfortunately for everyone, there’s often a lot of conflicting beliefs which doesn’t help.


If your hair is luxurious, thick and strong then it’s a boy! Although, watch out, as this also applies to the hair on your legs as well as your head, so get that razor out – you’ll be needing it more often… Whereas if your bump has made your hair lank and sapped the life out of it, prepare for a girl. Girls are also supposed to ‘steal’ a mother’s beauty, leaving her with a sallow complexion and spots. And forget about that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about! 


Sugar and spice and all things nice


Just as boys are made from snips and snails and puppy dog tails and girls are made from sugar and spice and all things nice, what you crave can give away the sex; apparently a desire for salty foods such as cheese, crisps and salty meat like bacon is a sign of a boy, whereas sugary treats indicate it’ll be a girl. Of course! And if you put on a lot of weight during your pregnancy, many believe you’ll be having a boy. Yet if your bottom expands and your hips become more rounded, it’s thought it’s because you’re having a girl. You just can’t win!


Little wrigglers

You can try this one at home – does your bump give a wriggle when you lie down? If it feels as though you’ve got a wrestling ferret in your stomach, then chances are you’ve got a boy. If your bump is pretty chilled out, then it’s a girl.


The ring test

Take a ring you wear often, and thread it on a piece of cotton. Dangle it over your bump and see which way it moves; if it moves in circles then that indicates a girl and if it swings from side to side, that means it’s a boy. Just don’t go to America – there they believe that if it moves in circles, it’s a boy and if it swings, it’s a girl. Confusing, hey?


Which ones did you try? Did they work? We’d love to hear – just get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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