Congratulations, you’re pregnant! And if this is your first pregnancy, you’re probably also experiencing a whole host of emotions, including excitement and also fear. There’s so much that happens between finding out you’re pregnant and the birth, from enjoying the journey through the trimesters, to getting to know your body all over again, to understanding what’s going on. And we bet you’ve also got loads of questions! From the sensible to the silly. But what’s important to know is that ALL questions are valid and there’s nothing more reassuring than to feel in good company, with support.


We’ve rounded up a variety of the best pregnancy apps available, highlighting all their notable features so it’s easier for you, a first time parent, to enjoy your pregnancy journey feeling supported and educated.



Bonzun, FREE

Bonzun has a clear and easy to navigate homepage, with clear visibility of what’s happening week after week. It senses what information you will want to know most of all, starting with the approximate size of your baby (all in fruit and veg of course!) and its progress, along with notes about what’s happening to your body too. It has a quick navigation for ‘common discomforts’ which are all linked to what you may be experiencing during that time of pregnancy.

It also has a great Symptom page where you can click on a part of the body and it will help diagnose and give information about what you may be experiencing. There’s also a detailed area so you can add the tests you have had which makes it ideal functionality-wise and especially if you ever need to visit the doctor without your hospital notes.


What could be improved: Out of all apps, this was the most inaccurate with the progress tracker – it asks you to input your due date but we discovered that it was trying to tell us our baby was older than the other apps suggested.

What we like:Lets you share with friends and family so they can track your progress too.


The bump, FREE

This will take you through pregnancy all the way to labour and delivery, with articles and guides detailing everything you ever wanted to know and even stuff that you didn’t. It has a long, scrollable dashboard which is full of information, meaning you’ll never get bored rifling through it. There’s also the opportunity to take and store photos of your bump progress, with a registry that you can add Baby Shower wish list gifts to.

When you sign up, do be warned, you’ll get several emails through the week with latest community chats, a digest of things and an update on your progress, just in case you decide not to look regularly at the app.


What could be improved: Whilst the diary ‘to-do’ functionality was useful, this can make some parents-to-be feel overly overwhelmed as it makes it seem like there’s a LOT to get done! And that you need to start early with it too.

What we like: Really impressed by the video instruction for evening flow yoga as we felt it added value and was perfect for helping with breathing and relaxation which other apps didn’t provide.


What to Expect, FREE

Based on the popular book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this app has an incredible amount of varied blogposts to trawl through, including eating well on a budget. You can also update it with photo and results of tests and there are the obligatory weekly updates. Its strong points are the forums as it seems like many people participate so the experience can be interactive if you choose it to be.


What could be improved: It’s easy to get lost on here and disappointingly, whilst there seems like a lot of people on it, if you search for a group near you, there’s few, if any nearby.

What we like: Content is most up to date and relevant – they had information on the recent tinned tuna recall and Zika situation.


Pregnancy +, FREE / £2.99

Pregnancy + seems to be the perfect companion to every first mum’s pregnancy – it has an area for you to record weight, see illustrations of how your belly will grow, be reminded of next appointments, as well as having a to-do list functionality (although unlike some other apps, it’s not pre-filled with suggestions) and birth plan guidance. There is also static information around exercise, food and labour together with day by day and week by week updates on how things will progress, although you have to pay after the first 12 weeks. It also lets you add in emergency numbers which is super useful, although arguably, only if people know it’s there on your app in the first place.


What could be improved: Having to pay for the extra content is frustrating – it’s £2.99 for access to the information about the 2nd and 3rd trimester which doesn’t seem like a lot but when a lot of other apps offer this content for free, it doesn’t seem worth it.

What we like: The baby names search function that lets you explore baby names and add your favourites to a list too.  


Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

With useful daily tips and the ability to easily record photos of the bump’s progress, this initially looks very simplistic. However, there’s a quick navigation at the top which include community groups and once you’re in here, you realise there’s a lot more to it as you have to access the full navigation to leave this section. Here, you discover there’s a place to upload photos, make friends with other people on the app and update your daily journal with information such as weight, height, mood and other details such as morning sickness and cravings. There’s also an extensive baby name directory with the ability to easily add the ones you like to Favourites or add your own. In addition, there’s a useful kick counter and contraction timer.


What could be improved: There is a lot in the navigation but going to and from different sections through the navigation can be tiresome.

What we like: It has a full-on journal function so if you ever want to look back on your pregnancy, this will record pretty much everything you may need.


Do you have any favourite pregnancy apps we haven’t mentioned? If so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.