You’ve swept aside all your normal reading books and instead, there’s a book or two on pregnancy. ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, ‘Your Baby & Child’, ‘Your Pregnancy Bible’, ‘Baby Love’ are now books you’re familiar with, if they’re not already adorning your bookshelf. Pregnancy books are like marmite – you either love them or hate them. So we decided to ask first time mums what their top tips would be for new mums. 

Here’s the best of them:


Instincts will win

It will be 1000 times better than you think. Go with your instincts as more often than not, they’ll be right. And whatever you do, someone will have an opinion about it. If you’re going to listen to anyone, listen to those who you respect most, but ultimately, follow your heart.


Ban books

Chuck ALL parenting books and parent from the heart. Everyone is different and what is spouted in the books may not be at all right for you.


Prepare food in advance

Stock up on easy to cook meals, or prepare some in advance and freeze them. Better yet, get some friends to bring food over or make you some in the week before birth. Trying to get to grips with a baby, sleep deprivation and doing things with one hand is going to wear you out without needing to work out how you’re going to feed yourself! Dishes that you can eat with one hand are the best.


Discover CBeebies

There’s a whole other argument about whether you let your child watch TV but as one parent told us ‘don’t wait until your baby is 7 and a half months to discover it like I did – it’s baby hypnosis!’ You’ll soon find yourself on familiar terms with Bing, Boj and Cloudbabies.


Get a routine in early

We can’t lie, being a parent for the first time is exhausting and hard but worth it. If you have an idea of what you want your routine to be and start implementing it from the beginning, life will become that little bit easier.


Set up support

In the early days especially, a good support network will be vital to your resilience and ability to cope. This is vital for those who don’t have a partner or one who’s working long hours after paternity / maternity leave. Ask friends and family for help – whether that’s with getting shopping, doing the washing, holding your baby or just being there for moral support.


Gadgets ‘Smadgets’

The more you look at what you need, the more you’ll realize you could end up spending a mini fortune on your new addition. There will be many companies spending a fortune on marketing, urging you that this is THE most useful gadget; it most likely isn’t. Half of the gadgets you buy you will probably only use a couple of times. For a list of the absolute essentials, take a look at what these new mums suggested. And if you’re a friend or family member looking for the right present, we also spoke to new mums about what they would want, had they had their time again. However, a word of advice and according to a 2014 survey, steer clear of room thermometers (you don’t lose the ability to tell what the temperature is like just because you’ve had a baby), manual breast pumps and door baby bouncers.


Throw your social life out the door

At least for the first few weeks. Your baby will keep your hands more than full enough and enjoy this time to get to know your baby properly.


Leave the house

Once you have a baby, the outside world can feel like a big, bad scary place with threats to your little one skulking in every corner. However, when you’ve gotten to grips with changing a nappy and feeding then make the most of your little one being portable! The time before they can learn to crawl and walk is the best for travel as they can’t go far if you put them down. They’ll also be a lot lighter…


Be prepared

Baden-Powell’s motto will serve you well in this instance. Be sure to stock up on nappy bags, set up changing areas on all floors and keep a going-out bag by the door (and add in an extra 30-40 minutes preparation time just to leave the house).


We hope you find these tips useful and please do let us know if you have any to add, we’d love to hear from you! The one thing we’d also say, is that the phase of sleepless nights and feeling like it’s all rather overwhelming passes incredibly fast – the adrenaline of having your first child carries you through so keep positive and enjoy!


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