Your Guide to Putting Together a Brown Cardboard Box Package for a New Mum


In Finland, expectant mothers are given the choice of receiving a brown cardboard box from the state or receiving cash instead, which is currently set to €140. You’d have thought that most would take the cash, but surprising 95% opt for the cardboard box.


 Your Guide to Putting Together a Brown Cardboard Box Package for a New Mum




Here’s why - it’s not just any cardboard box. For 75 years, Finland has been giving out these cardboard boxes filled with a ‘starter-kit’ for mums. Many say that this starter-kit has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. Wikipedia states that between 2010 and 2015, Finland comes 4th on the list of lowest infant mortality rates and the UK comes 26th. So what’s in this magical cardboard box and how can you adapt this to make your own ‘Finnish cardboard box’ for your new parent friends and family?


The Finnish box contains over 32 items, including a mattress and mattress cover (so the box can be used as a bed), a bodysuit, romper suits, hooded bath towel, muslin squares, teething toy, picture book, bra pads, condoms and socks and mittens. There’s also a snowsuit and mittens included too! It’s useful because new parents often don’t know exactly what they’ll need - so this can help them out in unexpected emergencies and perhaps most importantly, it can save them time, during an already busy period of their lives.


Admittedly, in the UK’s warmer climes, a snowsuit may not be the most useful item but the great thing about giving a Brown Cardboard Box as a Baby Shower Gift, or ‘just because’, is that you can tailor it to their needs and also spend as much or as little as you want to.


We spoke to one mum, Melanie, who received such a cardboard box from a friend and has since been giving them to her friends every since. Melanie says it’s a lot easier if you already have children, to put this together, but with her help, we compiled a list of must-haves if you’re looking to make your own Brown Cardboard Box present for expectant friends:


Vapour Rub - to be used when your baby is 3 months or older, when sniffles or a cold hits - which it invariably will.

TEN Skincare Baby Protective Diaper Cream - even if you follow a good baby skincare routine, baby’s skin is unpredictable and nappy rash can strike at any time! Containing zinc oxide and sweet almond oil, this diaper cream helps protect skin whilst keeping it moisturised and irritant-free.

A Dummy - if someone gives you one, you can test it out without feeling guilty!

A teething toy - babies can start teething from 4 months old and you’ll know when they do!

Baby eye wipes - babies can often suffer from sticky eyes, especially after sleep, due to the size of their tear ducts. Tissues can be rough and baby eye wipes are specially designed to be soft and gentle.

Sock-ons - babies have an uncanny ability to be able to magically remove socks and many a rogue sock has been lost by babies.

TEN Skincare Baby Cleansing Foam - compact and with a pump action this kind and gentle cleanser can be used with baby wipes, tissues or muslin to clean dirty or grime off sticky fingers and faces - of both baby and parent!

Pre-washed muslins - muslins are perfect for mopping up dribble and sick, as well as for breast-feeding. Parents of a new baby will discover there’s no such thing as too many muslins!


And to wrap it all up, a simple cotton blanket or swaddling - like the muslins, are useful for wrapping up a baby and keeping them warm.


Got anything else that you would include in your brown cardboard box for an expectant parent? Let us know!