Top 5 Baby Bedtime Routine

1) Top of our list is the 'incontournable' bedtime story. After a long day at work, and a long day for your child at nursery, or even a busy day at home with your little one; The bedtime story is the ideal time to let go of all the stress. 'Once upon a time, there was…' sets the scene for some quiet time, alone with mum or dad. A time where other distractions are left aside, no mobile phone, no TV, just the sound of your voice. Children love to have you all to themselves, what a treat! There are other advantages to reading a bedtime story, it helps with their language development, listening skills and helps with creative imagination. And if the story is good enough you might even find yourself going to sleep at the same time!

2) Baby massage makes it second on our top 5, and how could it not? Don't we enjoy a massage ourselves, and how do you feel afterward? Well guess what! The same goes for our little precious ones. There are a number of small techniques for baby massages, although the crux of it being that it should be gentle and soft. Ideally you want to use a sweet almond oil massage oil, to nourish the skin. Non greasy and easily absorbed. This makes it extra gentle for their skin. A little 5 minutes before bedtime really allows your child to unwind and let go of all the buzz!

3) Bath time before bed time! This works well for many of us, grown ups, and equally well for little ones. Water has long been recognised for its healing properties. When I mean long, I do mean a long time! Egyptians as early as 2,000 B.C recognised its benefits. Warm water calms your body and your mind, and that is exactly what a bath can do for your child before going to bed. Even with a little play, it still will prepare for a good night.

4) An old favourite makes it in fourth position! You may have thought that it would be higher in the list however if you sang like me then it would not even make it on the list. Even if you cannot remember the words and make up your own version of ' twinkle twinkle little star', the important thing here is that your child loves to hear your voice and its soft melody. Its sets them to drift, and quickly comes to signify…'Goodnight, don't let the bugs bite.' Even if you suddenly get carried away stir from the ' We Will Rock You' or ' Sweet Child of Mine' and chose something a little more chilled!

5) Our consumer survey showed that the above four, were your favourite ones, and the type of bedtime routine that works best…and let's face it all fairly traditional. Nothing wrong with traditional, not everything needs an ipad! We could not however complete this article without covering some examples of the worst ways to send your baby or child to sleep: Top of our worst is…Playing tickle monster for thirty minutes before bedtime, whilst may be a lot of fun, will certainly take you for a long run! Playing hide and seek, or playing tumble! Followed by ' time to go to bed' and let's switch that light off! Would you get to sleep easily if you had that much fun, and then suddenly found yourself alone and in the dark. I know I would not. Games came fifth in our survey, however the quieter games seemed to work best!