Slick Mummy TEN SKincare Guest Blog

Ten years ago, I would not have been writing anything as sensible as this. Ten years ago, my friends and I would have been gossiping on a beach (somewhere cool and cultured – like maybe Dubrovnik – but we’d never get as far as seeing the culture) drinking cocktails we’d mixed ourselves from the hotel minibar and buying lemons from the street market to squeeze into each other’s hair for DIY highlights. Sunscreen? Well, we packed it… But we wanted to be brown as berries as quickly as possible.

Anyway, fast forward a few years to husbands and babies and one morning – after the shower – in the midst of inspecting my stretch marks and cellulite with the usual critical eye, there it was: The Thing. The horrible wrinkly bit between one’s boobs – the bit the French call the décolletage – there for all to see and absolutely my own fault for thirty-odd years of being a carefree sun-worshipper.

So, from that moment onwards I vowed to take positive action (giving my teenage self a big kick up the bottom with a Dr Marten boot) and to not just protect myself from the harmful rays, but also the rest of the family too.

Being safe in the sun is a good habit to learn – and one that you have a responsibility to teach your children (and probably your husband as well!) As a family now we are great believers in giving our bodies a bit of love, gentle protection and – despite the boys’ overexcitement when it comes to matters of swimming, surfing and general outdoorsy-ness – we’ll take five minutes to stand still (ish) and rub Factor 50 into little noses and each other’s shoulders, we’ll pack caps in our backpacks and we’ll stop for regular drinks of water. We’ve become devotees of buttoned cotton shirts and kaftans as light, loose cover ups (although we do look as though we’ve taken fashion advice from Wee Willie Winkie).

My youngest is still a baby and I’ve become pretty adept at constructing impromptu canopies using oversized muslins and whatever else I have to hand (clothes pegs, hairbands, you name it…) in order to create a little cocoon of shade for him. He gets prickly heat sometimes, poor little thing.

My eldest too sometimes needs a makeshift sunshade: he has recently started getting car-sick on tedious (but unfortunately necessary) hot journeys so besides the spare pants, Evian spray and melted lipsticks you’ll find in my Summer handbag I’ve also always got a pack of flannels (just cheap ones from the chemist, but much more durable than a wet wipe when it comes to those ‘industrial clean up situations’) and -TEN- Baby Cleansing Foam, which is really gentle but surprisingly effective and - as an added bonus - smells of meadow flowers. It’s also pretty handy when it comes to cleaning that special sort of stickiness that occurs when ice cream and sunscreen meet on little boys’ grubby mitts; that icky Strawberry Mivvi adhesive bond that NASA are probably studying because it’s so resilient.

And as for looking after myself, well… I recently discovered -TEN- Anti Aging Complete Rejuvenating Care as a daily treat. It is made with Rice Bran and Jojoba oil to keep that evil skin-wrinkling UV at bay and plump back some life into saggy tissue. When I put it on I can feel my face saying ‘Thank you – about time too!’ (And yes, I do use it on my décolletage as well…)

For myself in ten years’ time I’ll also be stocking up on Omic Expert Brightener which naturally banishes brown spots and brightens dull skin with nourishing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. You see I plan to grow old entertaining my friends on my terrace and swanning about in glamourous maxi dresses (possibly with plunging necklines). But you can be sure I’ll be accessorising with a wide brimmed hat.