Top 5 Foods of Love

 You know the old adage, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, but how much of this is actually true. Is it true that some foods are better than others at igniting passion? Would it be better to go for oysters over burger and chips when you’re out with a date?

 Aphrodisiacs have been touted for centuries, in all sorts of cultures and times and as a result, there are a lot of supplements and special foods available nowadays that claim to have aphrodisiacal powers (as well as Barry White) but either these are expensive, unproven or hard to find (cobra’s blood anyone?). So what alternatives are out there that are closer to home?

 It turns out all we need to do is visit our local supermarket. Yes, really – there’s no need to get a flight to Timbuktu, everything we need to start feeling all desirous is a short distance away.  

 Here’s our top 5 foods of love:

 Chocolate – yes, it’s true, chocolate isn’t just for between meal snacks but for romance too! Apparently the phenyl ethylamine (PEA) in chocolate releases the same hormone that’s released during sex. Get some chocolate out to get your other half in the mood…


 Pomegranate – not only is it a passionate red but even the Greeks held it up as a powerful aphrodisiac. It was considered a symbol of female fertility and indeed the pomegranate is used as a sexual cure in many cultures because the juice is rich in antioxidants that increase the blood supply to the genitals.  


Asparagus – this powerhouse of goodness has a lot of other benefits as well as its sexy side. Asparagus is high in folic acid which triggers histamine product which helps both men and women reach the big ‘O’.


Strawberries – the way you have to wrap your lips around these plump red fruits make them the perfect food to feed to your lover before or after a passionate session. They’re also high in vitamin C to help you get into the mood.




Oysters – rich in protein and zinc, these funny-looking molluscs have been touted as a great invigorator of the man’s libido. And whilst there is some truth to this, you’d need to eat at least 50 oysters in one go for any effect to take place. Start early!


And just because we had to include this one…

BANANAS! As well as having a naughty shape (don’t pretend you’ve never thought it!) eating the fruit as well as looking at it, can boost your sex life too for it’s filled with potassium and B vitamins, all essentials nutrients for sexual hormone production.

But don’t take our word for it, try them all yourself! And then let us know what you thought. Are there any foods we’ve missed out that are vital for getting you in the mood? Keep it clean, people!