All of us would love to wave a magic wand, and find ourselves with perfectly balanced and hydrated skin.  Unfortunately, for most of us, we have to work at finding the perfect skincare routine to suit our skin, then once we finally get it right, the season changes and we have to start again! There are a few rules for all skin types to follow when the sun starts disappearing, the wind starts blasting and the central heating gets turned up. 

Firstly, hydration is key; unbalanced skin can create a multitude of skin issues such as dehydration, dullness and all sorts of breakouts such as blackheads and cystic spots.  The worst part about unbalanced skin is that it’s very easy to overdo it and make things worse – if skin feels dry you can easily flood it with products that are too rich, whereas if your skin is uncharacteristically spotty, you might end up using overly drying products to try and dry spots out.  You’re trying to balance skin, so tread carefully and add new products slowly.  I personally love oils and think all skincare routines benefit from the addition of a good quality oil such as the Gamila Secret Face Oil, a light yet nourishing, multi-purpose oil that would happily slot into most skincare routines – yes even very oily skin types would benefit from an oil that balances and gently hydrates.  Very oily skin types can get away with using an oil in place of a moisturiser if you really don’t want both, whilst dryer skins should add an oil to their routine in between their serum and moisturiser for an additional push of hydration.

Speaking of moisturisers, there is the perfect moisturiser for every skin type, but you might have to try a few that don’t quite hit the mark before you find the one for you.  A great night hydrator gives skin a real boost of nourishment without making it feel overly greasy or causing problems such as bumps and spots.  I personally feel that the mark of a good moisturiser is how your skin looks and feels when you first wake up; if it feels tight and dry, the product isn’t hydrating enough, whereas if it feels and looks good and there are no new problems, you may have found your Holy Grail of Hydrators.  Very dry skin need as much help as it can get, so you should seek out products that provide long-term hydration and should look for promises of 12 or ideally 24 hours of hydration, such as that found in Moisture Rescue 24hrs – Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser.  This is a product aimed at very dry or stressed skin, so if you’ve overdone it with the products in an attempt to balance your skin, try using just a very gentle, cream cleanser and this moisturiser for a few days until skin starts feeling normal again. 

As someone who is prone to breakouts, I believe that good skincare should contain gentle, nourishing formulas with just the right amount of exfoliation.  -TEN-™ Luminescence Skin Exfoliation Cream provides nourishment and AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) to gently exfoliate making it perfect for tricky skin types, or those who don’t like a complicated routine.  If you don’t fancy a product that contains acids, the -TEN-™ Anti-Aging Complete Rejuvenating Care is as wonderful as it sounds; rich, nourishing and kind to skin, yet gentle enough for most skin types.  The great thing about TEN Skincare is that it’s free from nasties, so it smells and acts like good skincare should, without the inclusion of chemicals or unnecessary fragrances. 

There we have it! A few products that can help your skincare routine transition from Summer to Winter.  Remember the three key points – up your hydration, include an oil in your routine, and find your perfect moisturiser; regardless of your skin type, these are all elements that’ll drastically improve your seasonal skincare routine and leave you with balanced and happy skin.