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Cold Sore Express 4ml


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NEW patented formula, effective in 1-2 hours!

Cold sore will not appear for 80% of users.

Apply immediately when symptoms are first felt: pain, tingling, tightness.

Effective within 1-2 hours no pain, no tingling.

Does not contain CORTISONE.

Formula contains Fatty Acid Group (F.A.G) a patented formula which provides a barrier and prevents the cold sore from developing.

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Product Description


    Cold Sore – who is affected?

    Labial herpes is a recurrent muco-cutaneous disorder caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), particularly the HSV type I. It affects 10 to 30% of the adult population. The recurrence rate varies from episodic events to monthly recurrences.

    There is no curative treatment available so far, but there are some non-curative remedies .

    Among the non-curative remedies there are: Various creams (zinc oxide and glycine cream), anesthetic creams (lidocaine and prilocaine cream), antiviral creams, oral antiviral medication, heat applications. All these have side effects.

    For example the side effects of zinc oxide and glycine cream include a burning sensation, itching, dryness and a feeling of tightness; for the oral antiviral medication headache and nausea, irrespective of dosage and duration of treatment.

    The principles behind F.A.G

    * There is an inflammatory response which underlies many common conditions and diseases.
    • Mast cells are "master regulators" of the immune system. Mast cells play an important protective role and have been observed as being intimately involved in wound healing and defence against pathogens.
    • Macrophages play a significant part in immunity and immune responses. They assume a defensive role exhibited by their ability to carry on phagocytosis of parasites and microbes. Macrophages kill ingested microbes.
    • Fatty acids can influence inflammation through a variety of mechanisms, including acting via cell surface and intracellular receptors/sensors that control inflammatory cell.
    • Mast cells and macrophages control themselves due to the fatty acids in their membranes. Under prolonged ‘attack’ the reserve of fatty acids becomes depleted. In the absence of the fatty acids our cells lose control of the inflammatory process and may lead to pathological reactions such as redness, swelling, heat, pain and reduced function of the injured area. The F.A.G compound provides the necessary replenishment for our immune system, allowing our macrophages and mast cells to protect us and repair damage.

    The results with Cold Sore Express:

    Clinical Study to evaluate efficacy and safety of a formulation based on FAG ® product for control and progression of symptoms present at the beginning of herpes infection on labial mucosal.

    We decided to compare a new product, consisting of a specific group of fatty acids.

    The study was performed comparing an antiviral product (Aciclovir) and a cosmetic cream.

    Each patient received three tubes of product with the same posology.

    Patients were asked to start immediately and to apply every 3 to 4 hours.

    Patients had to return the unused tubes. To each patient was given a card on which to record the changes, the effects and the improvement/resolution of symptoms timing.

    The treatments were administered on lips mucosa at the beginning of the herpetic symptoms and response was evaluated by assigning an intensity score in 4 typical symptoms: pain, burning, itching and pricking.

    Patients were asked to take into consideration skin changes, equally characteristics: Edema, formation of scabs and erythema.

    The results:

    •Excellent speed of response. Efficacious in controlling burning, itching and pain in 2-3 hours compared to 2 days with acyclovir.
    •Pain relating to cold sore controlled in 1-2 hours (average 1.4 hours)
    •80% efficacy with no sore appearing!
    •Efficacious for 100%, 80% no sore appeared at all and 20% resolved 4-6 days.


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